Facial Plastic Surgery, Ear, Nose and Throat

Facial Plastic Surgery

including Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Injectables, Chemical and Laser Peels, IPL, and Cosmetic Dermatology


including Ear, Nose, Sinus, Throat, Voice, Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Thyroid and Parathyroid, and Skin Cancer

Restylane ® Injection

44 year old female patient with significant aging of the lower face. The patient underwent minimally invasive facial rejuvenation with a combination of Radiesse and Restylane injections.

Restylane&reg Injection

Restylane® Injection

Details: Expert minimally invasive lower facial rejuvenation using Radiesse and Restylane injections.

After photos were taken 4 Months after surgery/procedure.

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