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Are There Any Botox Alternatives?

Botox cosmetic (the purified, injectable protein produced by the Allergan company) is the BEST (safest, simplest, longest lasting, least expensive, and most effective) treatment for dynamic wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows (frown lines), and laterally around the eyes (crow’s feet).

There is absolutely no reason to fear Botox, as long as it is administered by a physician who you trust and who is experienced in its use.

Wrinkles come from muscle movement and aging of the skin. Botox specifically and precisely limits muscle movement and both prevents and corrects dynamic wrinkles. Note that wrinkles and furrows that are present at rest may require additional treatments, such as injectable fillers or laser resurfacing.

In my office we could sell any brand of the creams, lotions, or potions that are marketed or produced by physician and non-physician ‘skin care professional’ companies as an alternative to Botox. Yes, many of these products are excellent moisturizers. Yes, a few of them (prescription strength) help with brown spots. But no, there is no substitute for Botox. Is any product “Better than Botox?” Let me think about that … no.

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