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He is a true artist

I feel like I won the ” Great Doctor lottery”! I feel so fortunate that I found Dr. Roesler. My nose Surgery went fantastic. I can actually smell everything better and my sleeping seems deeper since I am breathing better. He is a true artist! I also got a more beautiful nose and as you […]

Dr. Roesler is the best

Dr. Roesler is the best! He gave me a perfect nose that is natural and fits my face. I would recommend him and his great staff to anyone! Procedure Performed: Rhinoplasty (Nose Job, Nose Surgery) mary Los Angeles, CA

Finally, real honest relief for chronic stuffy nose

The procedure that Dr. Roesler performed on me is the Coblation Turbinate Reduction. I was a nose spray addict; I had a bottle in my car, at work, at home and in my pocket; I had to use it every two hours to decongest my nose. This procedure has changed all that. I no longer […]

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

NON-SURGICAL Ear wax removal Allergy evaluation and testing including nasal congestion / obstruction, sinusitis and sinus disorders, nasal endoscopy Hoarseness and voice disorders, laryngeal endoscopy BALLOON SINUPLASTY™ The words, “Balloon Sinuplasty™,” when used together, describe the use of a sinus balloon catheter to surgically dilate and repair the sinus ostia during a functional endoscopic sinus […]